“Wow” is our business..

How do we “wow?” What is it that makes our services so exemplary? Answer these questions:

  • When choosing a team to help with your next event, how do you qualify them?

  • Do you ask for their availability first? Or do you ask for testimonies from previous clientele?

  • During the interview process are you asked, “What is it that will make this wildly successful for you?”

  If you’re thinking to yourself, “Not sure I have ever been asked these questions ever.” Maybe it’s time you do.

So let’s investigate some possible ideas when shopping for your next specialist. Let’s start;

Perhaps, you just want someone who fits the budget of the project. We would recommend you ask yourself instead, “Who am I aiming to please?” When you are honest with the answer, more often than not, you are usually not trying to please yourself but instead, a client, a sponsor or your guests. And now that you have a clear understanding of who you are serving, may we remind you that finding just anybody usually ends up with a less than memorable experience.  And that’s the conclusion we expect you to have when you hire those that lack the same desires as you because they are not expected to, so usually they won’t. INI Productions, on the other hand, aims to “Wow” everyone in attendance. We achieve this in several categories. First, INI Productions sets the bar for the multi-media experience. How? Because we refuse to compromise. If it is not in our scope, we sub-contract the very best. With our vast network of professionals, we commit to offering the best for your budget and expectations. Secondly, we have the most talented team with a very vast and extensive portfolio offering many years of experience at your dispose. Finally, we don’t pretend. What this means is, if the request is absolutely impossible, we are honest enough to recommend someone who may fit your needs. There are plenty of service providers out there to choose from and we are humble enough to recognize where our comfort level is and is not. For instance, we are not comfortable with weddings and have no desire to be involved with a backyard birthday party.. LOL

INI Productions is very honored to be considered to provide you the very best in entertainment and promotional services. Please don’t hesitate to email us right away and allowing us the privilege to create a proposal for the work requested.

Let’s make your next event the most successful possible. Call us now! 321-877-8737


Over the last couple of years INI Productions has been serving an exclusive clientele in the action sports and non-profit industries. We have been waiting for the right time to finally expand our services and offer a revitalized initiative for new customers. Please stay tuned for more. In the meantime visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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