Escape to Miami 2013

Escape to Miami Triathlon was a HUGE success.

Great weather. Super energy. Absolutely gorgeous venue. And a very professional team who assisted me the whole way made for a very pleasurable experience.

Speaking of “pleasure”, Publix, “Where Shopping is a Pleasure,” sponsored the whole weekend. While Cytomax and Muscle Milk co sponsored the Olympic Distance and Mack Cycle and Fitness sponsored the Sprint Distance. Combined, both races saw over 2,000 athletes from all the world and the country.

INI Productions was contracted on Saturday to provide the EXPO entertainment and announcements offering guidance to the participants, as well as, plugging the sponsors and vendors. And Sunday we provided music and instruction for athletes, as well as, encourage the athletes as they approached the finish line.

Since then we have seen some very cool news footage from the race like this piece.

INI Productions was on site at 4am and set up in time to watch the Sunrise from our stage. We had the Contour camera set up and taking stills every 10 seconds of the swim exit area starting just before sunrise.  The exit was a big draw and many of the sprint athletes cheered on the Olympic competitors while they waited for their swim start which was not until 8:45 later on that morning. The Olympic swimmers were sent out in big ferries to the nearby island. Then the competitors were sent in 3 waves from the Pace Picnic Island in Biscayne Bay starting at 7am. Plenty of lifeguards were on hand, as were the Marine patrol in motor boats. Check out the footage below.

We were blessed to only have that quick ( 3 minutes tops ) rain shower as seen in video. Which happened right at the start of the Sprint Distance swim start. I remember mentioning how delightful that must have felt on the backs of the athletes doing the Olympic Race while on their bike. From experience the sun showers are delightful surprises. We look forward to reuniting with the crew from US Road Sports for their annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.

Escape to Miami MC gig
Lee, my co-announcer and myself. Photo by Mike Neubauer