What We Do: Explore more about our services

INI has served charity’s, local artists, start-ups, local events and small businesses, both virtual and brick and mortar. We trust we can help you to. Learn more about us below.

INI Production’s general services:

  • Promotion – traditional and unconventional. INI get the word out there.

  • Organization – loose ends can be a disaster for any event. Avoid being a victim of the proverbial “dropped ball.”

  • Consultation – No need to go at it alone. After several hundred events, INI can offer tons of valuable guidance.

  • Negotiation – There are lots of ways to save money and offset costs. INI knows this territory very well. You will save $$ working with us.

  • Solicitation – “Pounding the pavement,” phone calls, letters, grant writing and more. We help with all of these to.

 Specialized services:

Every occasion is unique. We like to think that every event INI does gives us an opportunity to make it one-of-a-kind for you.