The greatest gift…

INI hopes everyone had a brilliant Christmas and Hanukkah Holiday. Ideally, you were with family and friends or a caring equivalent. Perhaps you sung traditional songs, ate a lot of home cooked food and exchanged gifts to one another.

The season brings about feelings of gratitude and allows for reflection of the last years best and worst times. Hopefully less of the latter. In these moments of reflection, maybe we could identify that one defining moment where, however challenging or inconvenient at the time, we were tested and now we can look back and peel back the emotions related with the event(s) to reveal the underlying message.  The result may be a new direction in life, a lesson learned or a skill gained or strengthened. Whatever truth you may find (after giving fair and objective analysis with no more emotions involved,) you must realize, was put there for a reason by your Angels/Creator/ Higher Power/ Source.  That is something that no money can afford and no hand can build. This gift is personally yours and no one else can own it or take it away. You are as individual as a snowflake and there will never be another you. So do yourself a favor and find some quiet time before the year comes to a close. Sit down in your favorite place, close your eyes and clear your thoughts. After a few moments of peace and quiet take several deep breaths and feel the lungs expand and collapse and simply be.  Be in the moment, be present, be grounded. Make a habit of creating these times for yourself. The more we can become who we are meant to be and live the life that makes us most happy, the more we become the best present we can give each other. Start today and be the greatest gift you can be, the greatest gift to me.

 With Love,