5th Annual Marathon Bahamas: The most chic island running event

 I was given a week to pack my bags. Not to sound dramatic but honestly, it was no more than 7 days that I was invited to MC for the Marathon Bahamas in Nassau..  New Providence, Bahamas. I was asked at an event I was doing for the same timing company that was going to time the Marathon Bahamas. I stood in shock and stared in disbelief because I actually remember looking in a trade magazine and thinking, ” I wanna do that race so bad.” So I finally blinked and began to say the words, “Of course.”  I was so thrilled I was able to spit that out in time before the offer left the table.  So a couple contingencies were introduced; gotta get a flight, gotta get to airport in time and had to finish a previous gig … Expand Story

USA Beach Running Championships

USA Beach Running Championships at Cocoa Beach Pier. October, 27th 2013 As always the USA Beach Running Championships combine great conditions with a super venue and awesome participants. This year’s race featured the 2 distances showcased. A 10K option or the competitive 13.1 Half Marathon option. There are overall winners and age group awards offered, and a unique division featuring barefoot runners. INI Productions was brought on as commentator and announcer, although we play some music as well. We arrived with fresh Dunkin Donuts and coffee available ( much needed.) The beach was still dark at 6am and we all worked with headlamps and lanterns. By 7am the early part of dawn was separating the horizon from the sky giving us a vanishing point over the Atlantic. Late registration and packet pick-up along with course management continued til 7am. Finally … Expand Story

Escape to Miami 2013

Escape to Miami Triathlon was a HUGE success. Great weather. Super energy. Absolutely gorgeous venue. And a very professional team who assisted me the whole way made for a very pleasurable experience. Speaking of “pleasure”, Publix, “Where Shopping is a Pleasure,” sponsored the whole weekend. While Cytomax and Muscle Milk co sponsored the Olympic Distance and Mack Cycle and Fitness sponsored the Sprint Distance. Combined, both races saw over 2,000 athletes from all the world and the country. INI Productions was contracted on Saturday to provide the EXPO entertainment and announcements offering guidance to the participants, as well as, plugging the sponsors and vendors. And Sunday we provided music and instruction for athletes, as well as, encourage the athletes as they approached the finish line. Since then we have seen some very cool news footage from the race like this piece. … Expand Story